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Privacy Policy

LCA Stage Academy

Creator and Director, Louise Orfila, is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office as a data controller (Number: ZA316309)

We are committed to protecting your personal information and privacy and this policy describes exactly how we collect and use your personal information which is subject to certain legal safeguards specified in the General Data Protection Regulation.

This policy may be updated from time to time so please check back with us periodically. We will notify you of any significant changes by placing a notice on our website. Please contact Louise Orfila if you have any queries about the policy.

Information you provide will comply with the following points in line with LCA’s Privacy Policy, and you will also be given/emailed a copy of this.

• Data to be collected: Name of performer, name of parents/guardians, emergency phone numbers, performer date of birth, address, any necessary medical information we should be aware of.

• Why?: The information collected from you is basic data needed in case of emergencies at LCA and to keep you updated with details about classes.

• How will your data be used?: Data that you give to LCA will be used in case of emergency. You will be contacted in case of absence if the absence has not been reported to Louise to make sure you’re aware that they are not present (child protection). You will be contacted via email about shows, term dates, term fees, any general updates regarding LCA weekly classes/workshops that you enrol for.

• Where will your data be kept?/Data handling: Physical data forms will be handed to the school leader or myself (director) directly, all forms will be kept in a locked cabinet securely at my home, that only I (Louise) have a key to. Enrolment forms sent via email will be printed and also placed in the locked cabinet. Online data that is sent to me via email, will be kept in a private Dropbox folder on my account that is never shared and is password protected. My password is not shared, only I can access this. School Leaders have an emergency contact list for their school (LCA Oxted – Louise/LCA Ashford- Danny/LCA Caterham – Matt), which includes first names of performers and the two emergency numbers that you provide. Your numbers will not be saved on their phones and they will call you from a their in the event of an emergency. These lists are kept in their LCA folders, which are kept securely, and never shared with anyone in any circumstance. Phone numbers are only saved on my phone (as company director and data processor) which is password protected and only I know the password. Phone numbers will be deleted when a performer leaves LCA Stage Academy.

• Your Rights: To comply with the GDPR articles 15-22 regarding your rights, I need to inform you about your rights for your data: You have the right to access your information, you have the right to update your information (change of number, address, surname etc). You have the right to delete your information when leaving LCA or at any time.

• Accounting: Your personal information for processing your payments for LCA will be shared with accounting via quickbooks. I am data controller and my accountant is a data processor in order to complete necessary tax and accounting requirements. They have the necessary security measures in place and will inform me of any data breach to their systems.

• You will be informed immediately in the event of a data breach of any kind.
• Data you provide will be used in emergencies if a child is unwell during their time at LCA. Predominately, you will be contacted by myself, or the LCA School Leader on site at the time of the emergency.

• The email addresses you provide will be added to a mailing list which will allow for you to be kept up to date with the latest LCA news, including details about weekly classes, shows and opportunities at LCA

• When a performer leaves LCA Stage Academy, for any reason, their data (enrolment and consent forms) will be disposed of immediately and contact details will be removed from LCA’s mailing lists and you will not be contacted by LCA in future for any marketing purposes. (If your performer leaves but you would like to continue to be on a mailing list, written consent must be given separately).

• We do NOT pass your data to any third parties and we do not share your data with anyone else for marketing purposes

• If any of your information changes in any way, please let me know as soon as possible. You have the right to request a copy of the information we hold about you, free of charge.

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